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General English Program

Young Learners (L1-L6)

The Young Learner Level is designed for 6-year-old students and up. It is a 2-year course (Level 1 - Level 6). After finishing this course, students will be able to use English for communication, both written and spoken. The curriculum for this course focuses on four macro skills: Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing as well as grammar.

Materials for L1-l6 

Let’s go1-6+ workbook - Multi-skill workbook - Reading, short stories - Let’s Go Game & smart quiz - Computer with various English lessons for their age group.

Teenager and Adult (Levels 7-12)

All subjects are taught by university graduates who have teaching experience. Instruction is conducted using computer software, such as Rosetta Stone and Tell Me More Performance, which consists of traditional listening, speaking and reading exercises.


Levels 7- 12 is a 3-year, Adult and Teenager course. The curriculum focuses on four macro skills: Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing, as well as grammar. After completing this course, the student will have a good mastering of these four macro skills.


Materials for L7-L12

  • New Interchange + workbook

  • Reading and Listening Program

  • Online Quiz English Base

  • Rosetta Stone & Tell me more performance

  • Computer with various English lessons



Our teachers are university trained professionals and employ the latest teaching methods, using up-to-date training aids. Each one has a proven record of teaching success and is dedicated to their chosen profession.



Each classroom is equipped with a computer and audio speaker. The number of students is limited to 20 to 25 in each classroom.

Teaching Materials

The Village of English School displays educational posters on the walls in each classroom. Each room also has a computer, TV, Flash Cards, Story Cards, Internet access, as well as a paper and E-library.



Student ability and progress is measured through Monthly, Mid-term and Final Examinations before moving them to the next level.

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