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Sharing with the next generation

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Last week, Lotus Radio FM 100.5 visited the Village School of English. They were introduced to the staff and students, as well as being given a tour of the facilities and school property. Saren Sreng, one of the co-founder, gave them an inspiring interview and talked generally about the school. He gave his views as to why the Founders of the school decided to open the school in a rural area.

He went on to talk about the school's curriculum which is different from other schools, in that it incorporates technology to make learning more enjoyable.

At the end he gave these words of thought to young people; to look back to their communities in which they were was born, and to think what they can contribute back

Srey Toch, a recent addition to the teaching team, talked about how she is happy to teach students at the school, and the importance that they learn the international language of English.

Several students were interviewed and shared their enthusiasm for learning and an appreciation of the school and teachers.

The Lotus Team left with a positive impression about the education offerings of the school, the dedication of the staff, the energy of the students to learn, and a new awareness of the importance of rural school education.

Thank you Lotus FM Radio 100.5

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