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Parents-Teachers Meeting

On 13 – 14 January 2019, The Village of English School conducted a Parents-Teachers Meeting event in order to build a bridge of understanding between parents, teachers and students.

The purpose of this event was to review each child's progress; covering academics, behavioral status, strengths, weaknesses and talents. The meeting was also a great opportunity for parents and guardians to learn more about the school's facilities and curriculum.

The event went well and about 90% of the student’s parents participated. They expressed their gratitude for the academic and behavioral growth of their children, commenting on the overall positive changes that they see in them.

The parents were reassured that the school is committed in providing the best education possible, and that their participation in their child's education is a vital part of this program.

We hope to see them at the next meeting and look forward in helping to move Cambodia into a better educated future.

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