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Kindergarten K2

The K2 course focuses on lesson chanting and spelling that is computer based, and the system is geared for 4-year-old children. The main purpose of this course is to provide basic sentence formation and word combination for that age group. The K2 section provides instruction using English songs, English TV Program for kids, as well as English lesson games and short stories.


Materials for K2

  • Sounds Great 1+ workbook

  • Coloring book

  • Khmer book Basic

  • Computer with various English lessons for their age group



Our teachers are university trained professionals and employ the latest teaching methods, using up-to-date training aids. Each one has a proven record of teaching success and is dedicated to their chosen profession.



Each classroom is equipped with a computer and audio speaker. The number of students is limited to 20 to 25 in each classroom.

Teaching Materials

The Village of English School displays educational posters on the walls in each classroom. Each room also has a computer, TV, Flash Cards, Story Cards, Internet and E-mail access, as well as a paper and E-library.



Student ability and progress is measured through Monthly, Mid-term and Final Examinations before moving them to the next level.

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