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School Fence

The Village of English (VOE) has been working very hard to give rural children and adults a quality, English language education. At the same time, teachers, staff and students have been creating a green environment, which is a positive move for the school and the community.


The students take small plants and flowers to the school and the teachers put them on the school’s wall in recycled, plastic bottle containers. We also have created beautiful flower gardens around the school. Moreover in the future, we plan to create a student/teacher vegetable at the back of the school.

However, we are facing one problem; free roaming cattle have been eating and damaging our gardens, and  will endanger our future vegetable project.

A fence around the school property is being constructed. The fence to the south of the school is constructed of bricks and concrete, 2 meters high; and the remaining sides being made of chain-link fencing, 1.5 meters high. The estimated cost is approximately Three thousand US Dollars ($3000) for materials, and labor costs approximately five hundred dollars (500$), Total cost: $3,500.

The fence will not only protect our gardens from domestic animals, but will deter trespassers and burglars The fence will also define school property and limit the likelihood of a student leaving the school unescorted or without school/parental permission.

The teachers, staff and students would like to express their deepest gratitude for any donor who helps support this plan. 

Villge of Engish - School Fence
Front constructed of chain-link fencing
New chain-link fencing under construction.
front .png
Back constructed of chain-link fencing
sample constructed of metal net.jpg
This is what is being replaced. As you can see, it needs replacing.
sample fence.jpg
Sample of 2 meters height constructed of brick and concrete 
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